POP!055 - Colin Clary - Twee Blues Vol.1

12" orange vinyl, Limited run of 300 copies

Release Date: 13/05/2014

This is Colin’s most cohesive and awesome album to date. A 15-song cycle that is neither quite twee nor blues, but something in between. Recorded in one batch over a long weekend with a small crew, this record is a focused artistic statement full of songs that are easy to play and fun to sing.


Side One:
Come Back From the Wilderness **free mp3**
Don’t Think it Out
Give it Some Time
Chickens in the Morning
Bad Girls Club
Boogiepop (Don’t Stop!)
She’s So Bored
She’s a Motorcycle

Side two:
Repeat Me
The Girl From the Album Cover
Duck in the Spotlight
Atlantic Ocean
I Didn’t Know You Were a Wizard
Lost in the Desert
Half a Cookie **free mp3**

Colin Clary 02 Colin Clary 03 Colin Clary 04 Colin Clary 05

Here's a video of Colin talking about the album in more detail:

Twee Blues Vol.1 will be released on May 13th, and can be pre-ordered now at the weePOP! store.